State of Utah Insurance Transparency

BridgeSpan Health Company

Filing Data

Product Information

Product: HMO

Type of Insurance: HOrg02I Individual Health Organizations - Health Maintenance (HMO)

Product Name: 2022 BridgeSpan Utah Individual Metallic

Market Type: Individual

Group Market Size: Unspecified

Group Market Type: Unspecified

Overall Rate Change:

Rate Information

Tracking Number: RGUT-132856070

Submission Date: 2021-07-06

Implementation Date Requested: 2022-01-01

Status: Accepted

Company Tracking Number:

Number of Policy Holders Affected: 16

Maximum % Change: -4.20%

Minimum % Change: -10.80%

Filing Attachments

  Filename File Description
Part I Unified Rate Review Template.xlsm Part I, Rate Increase Summary (URRT)
BHC IND ACA Part III Actuarial Memorandum.pdf Part III, Rate Filing Documentation - PUBLIC